Development Process

The Software Development Lifecycle is a process of building a good software and its Lifecycle stages provides Quality and Correctness of good software. All the stages of Lifecycle are important in itself.One wrong step in Lifecycle can create a big mistake in the development of Software.

Being an Owner or stakeholder of a Software Company you must know the development life cycle of the software. Even your buyer may also aware of this Lifecycle. So, Every wants to know that hoe it’s development begins, which are the development process, which is the end portion of development life cycle.

Six stages of the Software Development Life Cycle for Software Development.

We have numerous type of SDLC models like Waterfall, Agille, Spiral etc. All this SDLC model must follow this 6 steps for developing errorless software. Software Development Life cycle has totaled 6 Steps. All 6 steps are mentioned in below.

1) Requirement Gathering and Analysis

Requirement gathering and analysis is the first stage an d major stage of an SDLC model. This phase is basically the brainstorming phase because it base the many sub stages for like Feasibility Analysis to check how much idea can put into action for development.

In this stages, communication taking place between stakeholders, end users and the project team. So, all the person which are related to the project and they gather information for software development.

Identify and capture stakeholder requirment using customer interviews and surveys.
Build multiple use cases to describe each action that a user will take on the new system.

2) System Analysis

This is the second phase of SDLC where the entire system is defined in details. In fact, In this stage developer get a detailed blueprint of the version phase of the software that developed in the project.

At this stages the system is divided into smaller parts to make it easier more manageable for the developer, designer, tester, project managers and other professionals who are going to work on the software in the latter stages.

3) System Design

In this phase the design of the system is designed. The Design is developed by the analysis and designers. The System analyst design the logical design for the designers and then designer get the basic idea of designing the software design of front end and back end both.

This system analyst and Designer work together in designing the software design and Designer design under the guidance of System Analyst.

4) Coding

It is the logical part of the development process. In the phase lots of brains are working for coding and get the final successful result for the software. In the A team of Programmers is assigned by the company to work on the software.

The work is subdivided under a sub-phase called Task Allocation, where each task is assigned different coder, So, the development process id working faster .

5) Testing

By process of coding, then the final process testing is proceeding. when the software is ready it is sent to the testing department where quality analysts test it thoroughly for different error by various test cases.

Once the testing department department and quality Analyst makes sure that the software is error -free, then it goes to the next stages. So, the testing process is complete when all the testing module is complete.

6) Implementation

This is the final phase of the software development life cycle. In this stages, if the software runs on versions systems by users or buyers. if it runs smoothly on these systems without any flaw, then it is considered ready to be lauched.